Self-Publishing Voyage

Self-publishing is largely a self-taught business.  There are dozens of people out there teaching all about it, and many of them are reputable and highly informative.  I have every intention of recognizing them as we go along.

Nonetheless, for all the emphasis on "self", self-publishing is in every sense a team sport.  You provide the inspiration and perspiration for the material you want to publish, true, but after that it's all about others.  You need an ever-widening circle of friends, fan and buyers.  You need technology platforms to produce and host your work to market-acceptable levels of quality. And in today's internet-based environment, you need tools to help you sort out the masses of  people and information you have to deal with. All of those "partners" in your venture make the rules within their spheres of influence, and it's not uncommon that these rules contradict one another.  Plus they change all the time.

That brings you full circle to the point above about reputable advisors: their materiel may have been correct when it was presented, but that's almost a guarantee than 8-12 months later there will have been a major change in the way some part of the puzzle works, and so there will be at least one gaping flaw in their descriptions of how to get things done.

I'll keep this page separated by topic.  At the time of writing and particular post, that's what I've learned about that particular part of the self-publishing puzzle. Hopefully other commenters will help correct any errors on my part or provide updates when things change.


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